Progress report : December 2017

2017-12-15 01:00:40 by SamBakZa


Most of these steps are usually dropped if I make animation alone. Because I don't have to explain about background concept, character drawing guides and others.  I have thought "This is not good. I can not make animation forever alone. I have to know how work with other artists" So, I have started this project.

This is my first reward what I get through this project. I realized that what I needed was a producer. (0_0);;;;;  OK, next time, I will find a producer first.


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2017-12-15 08:36:49

떴다 그녀 속편인가요?


2018-01-02 16:12:18

Yo goodluck man,
this looks really cool
keep up the cool stuff


2018-01-05 14:32:41

OMFG!! I'm SOOOO excited!!!!!