Progress report : January 2018

2018-01-17 01:23:16 by SamBakZa


So here's the future plan : 

Plan A

Still working on main production. I am making layout of all scenes. After I finish organizing details I'll contact animation team again or contact another team to work with.

Plan B

If I can't find proper animation team I'm going to hire new animators by myself.


So I can't keep the Feb preview plan promise. I'll announce again after I find animation team and start working with them.  I apologize again to all fans for delays.


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2018-01-17 06:05:19

That story was so inspirational! Good luck!


2018-01-17 16:00:03

You can do it guys, no matter how long it takes. We will always be there for you guys


2018-01-17 17:40:22

I'll wait as long as I need to, for this :)


2018-01-17 20:32:42

Thanks for sharing this. Hope this sparks motivation to people


2018-01-30 20:32:51

Hey, I'm grateful you're honest and don't keep us in that dark.
I'm sure you'll get back on track.


2018-02-01 17:45:57

Yay!! Hooray!!!! Can't wait!


2018-02-04 13:06:39

you take all the time you need


2018-02-13 21:32:05

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