Entry #34

Progress report : March 2018

2018-03-14 02:39:12 by SamBakZa

I have sent two digital perks - Digital Thanks Card, Digital Wallpapers - at 10 days ago. 60% of backers opened the email, and 4 emails was returned because of the email address is didn't exist. 

If you didn't receive my email, please check your spam mailbox first.  And If you could not download the perks, in any other problem, send me an email. sambakza.manager@gmail.com I'll send the perks directly.


You want to get the images but you are not the backer of Indiegogo campaign? Please don't worry. You can buy them when we start receive pre-order the DVD. All you have to do is wait.


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2018-03-16 18:33:10