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"another step" has been released.

Posted by SamBakZa - April 6th, 2024

Hi Newgrounds!

A few years ago, I made another episode of the "There She Is!!" series, and premiered it here. Then, after some tweaking, I released it on YouTube a few days ago. I just finished adding subtitles. So I'm posting it here for you.

I wanted to upload it to Newgrounds.com as well, since it's kind of the spiritual home of "There She Is!!", but alas, the copyright issues with the music were never fully resolved. I'll upload it here as soon as everything is resolved so I can leave a trail.

Dedicated with gratitude to all those who remember "There She Is!!". 






Can't you change the music with something copyright-safe from the Audio Portal, or hire a musician?

That's going to be difficult.

Watched it on YouTube, it's awesome, thanks for making it public!

What are you gonna do, now that you finished the series? Seems like it took a better chunk of your life just to get here.

To be honest, I'd give the rest of my life for it.

you're still active on newgrounds? pretty cool you still care about a community you have been in for years.

Dude this is amazing! Thanks sambakza for making this series!

I hope everything works out with the music! If you'd be open to replacing the music, I'm sure there are some great musicians here who would love to be part of such a legendary series. I could make some suggestions if you're interested!

Hey Tom!! If I had that choice, I'd start thinking about it seriously. I'll start thinking about a short for Newgrounds, but for now, I'm going to take a break and start thinking about it. Why does my translator keep writing "start thinking" over and over again? LOL

I hope you can replace the music with copyright-friendly ones! It's kinda fun to make, find, or get music made with the exact same feel, that you're able to use. I'm thinking of Henry Stickmin as one example!

HOORAY! I love this series

i love youuuu

My childhood!!... IT WAS AWESOME, I watched it on youtube and I loved it c:!

Will always love this legendary animation series!! <3

You'd normally expect copyright to be an issue on Youtube, I didn't even know Newgrounds cared much beyond outright stealing works with low effort additions.

Hey, I already watched this an hour after it got uploaded hehe

But yea the copyright music thingy is a tricky thing to go through, especially that South Korea and USA has different laws and sometimes the music from a foreign country is blocked or otherwise cannot be played in other countries. I remember one of my first vids that I saw here was a music video of a song called "I know you too well to like you anymore" and it had to be slashed because of USA copyright laws as far as I know.

It's not really easy to just replace the music with copyright free music like others suggest here. For me, music played a very VERY important part in the animation. Step 5 wouldn't be as impactful as it is if it wasn't for [Brunch's Imagine] and its lyrics. Step 3 wouldn't feel the same wistfulness and mellowness without 3차성징 by TA COPY and the lovely tune it has that fits the general mood of the episode like Nabi's self doubt and unsureness (Also TA COPY is my actual favorite korean band!!! go figure). Likewise, Another Step wouldn't be the same without [Untouchable by Schizo] because its literally a "fight against the world" anthem.

However there's one thing I can suggest but even I don't know if its allowed. I dont know if Newgrounds allows covers of songs to be uploaded here (like the same song sang by a different guy). If yes then I don't know if someone here can sing Korean Rock and Metal. Extremely difficult to find. But the song is from 2005 (If Im not mistaken lol 죄송합니다 ^^;) so there could be a chance?

Anyway, thank you for this legendary series! It's my first introduction to Newgrounds and Il-ho is one of my favorite fictional characters ever so it is really really REALLY special to me and others too! Best of luck and I really hope I would see more There She Is on other people's projects here on Newgrounds :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Just watched it. FUCKING loved it. Been waiting a long time for it. Want that song to. What's it called?

song title : Untouchable
band : Schizo

Roger that Amalloc! It's awesome to see you here again! ^^

@SamBakZa awesome thank you. Hopefully I can get it somewhere.

very good stuff