"There She Is!!" tabletop game is in development.

2016-10-09 02:09:16 by SamBakZa


I am working at our open studio from 2 months ago.(^^)



Progress report : October

  • I've been running the crowdfund campaign for the new episode in here Korea. But unfortunately it is failed to reach the goal. But don't worry. I'll try again in December. 


  • Also I'm preparing for people who couldn't joined the indiegogo campaign. I'll talk more about this on November report.

  • I'm sorry to announce that finish date of new episode will be delayed. I'll work hard to make some good news in next month's report.

    Preview of the New episode : January 2017

    Shipping DVD and perks : March 2017

  • And here's good news! Tabletop game of "There She Is!!" is in development. check the links below.
    Facebook page


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2016-10-09 02:16:49

Good luck!

Man, what a blast from 2004.


2016-10-09 05:11:15

Oh my god, I think it really cool to listen these news, like 12 years, but we still love you, and thats cool to remember your movies. Good luck and keep us in touch please!


2016-10-09 07:02:06

omg! I love "There She Is!!"


2016-10-30 00:36:26



2016-11-29 01:51:35

I am both a complete board game geek and also a complete There She Is! lover since I saw it in 2004, so hearing that there will be a There She Is! board game is amazing news. Good luck, and be sure to keep us updated!