A joy we all will share, but now it's just for me.

2016-11-06 01:52:10 by SamBakZa

There was street fair at Jaemi-street, where SamBakZa open studio is placed. More than 500 people visit our studio in 2 days. We really had fun and exhausted.



The storyboard of "There she is!! another step" is about 90% done. at this stage, I can see the final result in my head so it is pretty exciting phase. And how's the final result is? It is fun and exciting. While making the storyboard I myself got fascinated to Jjintta-set bros. Now it is just for me, but it will be the joy we all can share. Remaining part of the storyboard now is action scene on climax, and it will be done in november. And at december I will finish the set-up process.

Q. Will there be doki and nabi at least in one shot of the upcoming step?
A. Yes, Nabi and Doki will both appeared on "another step". Running time of the animation will be 5 min 40 sec and they will be appeared about 25 sec, and they do have important role in the animation.

Q. Why are the Jjintta not called the Ho-Brothers ?
A. "Jintta set" is nickname what people around them calls. "Jintta" means "loser" or "fool" in korean. They always making frowned face and walking around together like a "set". That's why they got that nickname, and Doki is not the one who make that nickname.

Reopening Indiegogo campaign
I set the campaign on indiegogo as "indemand". I recently found out about this, and it is making available to get additional fund after closing date. Anyone who missed to join the funding can come here and join the campaign.
Indemand will be opened until the end of this year and I'll notice before close.


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2016-11-06 07:48:40

Your neighborhood looks so fun! Hope the extended campaign goes well.


2016-11-06 07:55:46

Wow. This looks really cool.
Seems like stuff is going well for you people, hope it stays that way!
Can't wait for the next "step" on There She Is(even if it is not about those two), but sadly, I can't help you financially. Sorry.
But, keep up the good work, though!

It may be mean to say this, but I find the grammar mistakes really funny. :D (don't hate me please)


2016-11-06 10:46:57

Wish I could be there xD


2016-11-06 11:38:42

Very interesting place. The whole NG users and me are so hype for Another Step as we are rooting for you.


2016-11-27 19:08:48

That looks so fun and exciting! I am a big fan of your work, it is always inspiring! Keep creating great things!