Progress report : December

2016-12-09 02:29:23 by SamBakZa


Yes, I had to do one more month for continuity. It is shame that I already said it will be 100% finished last month. Problem is, when I watch it again now it's ending is not exactly I wanted. If this was outsourcing job I have to just finish it and proceed to next step but this is my personal project, so I want to change it one more time to make it perfect. I'm so sorry. When I do outsourcing job I hated edit requests, but in this project editing is really fun to me..... I won't make any excuse again. sorry sorry.

So I had to postpone overall plan for project completion and shipping. I will tell you immediately when new plan got confirmed.

Campaign on indiegogo is still open. If anyone want to join the funding now you can check here. Indemand cannot be reopened. I will not close it until december.


And I'm really sorry to inform a sad news. Big fan of SamBakZa and my friend, Ben Schoedel has passed away a while ago. He held fan panel of "There she is!!" in animation festival named AnimeNext. Actually I was thinking of stop making "There she is!!" few years ago. But what changed my mind is his quiet but constant support. He gives me courage for this project to make a new episode and DVD. I made a picture for his fan panel every year and for his wedding. Now, for the last  time I made a picture to remember him. Thank you Ben, thank you so much.



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2016-12-09 03:57:51

Thank you for your update, amolloc. I think, when we become old and look back at our work, the personal projects will be the most important. Maybe I finished a lot of work for other companies; but did I create my dream? Did I express myself? I think that is the key to life.

I am so sorry to hear about Ben! I'm grateful to him, for inspiring you to continue this work. We don't always meet many people who will support us 100%.

Best wishes for the future.


2016-12-09 10:39:30

I'm sorry for your lost man, may his soul RIP

and don't worry about the animation. You take your time and have everything plan as you wish it to be. I'll always support you, best of luck ^^


2016-12-09 10:53:39

Better show my condolences to Ben Schoedel... May he rest in peace and his existence for helping to make you a better person will not be forgotten. :(


2016-12-09 11:26:17

Sorry to hear of Ben's passing, I'm sorry for your loss...


2016-12-09 13:22:14

That's very sad to hear. My condolences.


2016-12-10 10:33:34

T^T sorry to hear that, also its no problem if its not done yet the important part is that it's still alive also the longer the wait the more excitement it is once u finish it.


2016-12-10 15:13:29

good luck on your stuff

love ya


2016-12-11 05:02:29



2017-01-22 00:45:45

rip ben parker