Progress report : Jun 2017

2017-06-14 00:23:47 by SamBakZa

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Sam ho(my recent favorite one)'s appearance secne. I want this to be threatening.

Like always, scene I imagined in my head become lousy when it got actually made. In my imagination scene 4 was "super!" but it become like dancing, which made me so frustrated. It happenes a lot.


TAKE 01.

Actually this is the acting I want. Simple and realistic. But, to make this simple animation look great animatior's skill must be perfect. I don't think I'm that good yet, maybe I need to practice about 10 years more to become that good. So, not this one.


TAKE 02.


That's why I added some animation to the right hand but.... that made left hand's animation looks awkward. NG.


TAKE 03.


Cut some animation of right hand was not good for both. awkward. NG


TAKE 04.


Isn't it looks like he's making heart with arms? This was supposed to be threatening!


TAKE 05.


To make it look like not making heart so I made arm's animation uneven but that didn't worked. I tried several times to make this look better but failed. There is few more failed animation like this one.


TAKE 06.


But there is no such thing like fruitless effort. From idea in take 04 and time wasting in take 05 turns out like this. Also I found out that raised one arm looks much more threatening. This is how I finished this scene animation.


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2017-06-14 06:42:01

Oh neat! I love seeing your story boarding process!


2017-06-14 06:49:30

Sometimes it takes a lot of tries to get a certain aspect of something looking right. Glad you got a take that worked for you ^^


2017-06-15 10:42:06



2017-06-15 15:07:32

If he'd spin the chains and the bat from take 2, that would in my opinion make him complete badass.