Progress report : October 2017

2017-10-19 01:20:39 by SamBakZa

The "There she is!!" tabletop game project by iN'Sanity Games have been successfully funded last month. Congratulations!!



There is some duplicated rewards/perks in this campaign and my DVD campaign. They are Digital Wallpapers, Digital thanks card and 72 hour preview link.  Yes, "the 72 hours preview link" means preview of "another step".  And it's estimated delivery day is...



Suddenly deadline of "another step" has decided. It's just beginning of the main production phase, only 3 months left.  Is it possible? It should be possible, right? Whatever, I'll make it happen!





805932_150839039692_04.jpgThere She Is!!



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2017-10-19 15:00:53

Very cool, I'm excited! Good luck!


2017-10-19 15:11:40

Remember! If reaching the deadline causes you to rush the project, tell your backers to wait. Most of them will understand and it's worth having the last episode the best it could be.