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SamBakZa's News

Posted by SamBakZa - October 17th, 2018

SamBakZa is preparing for end of the year exhibition, which we do every year.


▲ Song songwha and Sogong planning for exhibition


Thanks to those two, I can concentrate on "There she is!!" production without joining the planning work. Of course I will help when they require physical work such as sawing or moving tables. I feel thankful and sorry to colleagues caring for my working hour.




I want to held exhibition about "There She Is!!" in next year. I am sure Sogong and Song songwha will gladly take part in it. To accomplish that I am working hard for layout  of the another step animation.

Thank you to all fans and supporters for your patience.


Posted by SamBakZa - September 18th, 2018

At the early day of this year, I got one precious advise from chief of animation studio I know. 

"You better stop modifying the storyboard and proceed to the next step.  If you keep stick with one scene you might not able to finish it in this year."

That really enlightened me. It was my bad habit keep working on one thing until I really satisfied with. and it really delaying this project.


"Ok got it. Thanks for advise"


And 6 months later, I finally finished all storyboard work in last week... ;;;;;;;

Seriously I really finished storyboard and start working on layout. However when I found something unsatisfying cut I go back to storyboard again and fix it. Then ending isn't look good with it so change it again, then foreshadowing looks weird so change some of that again... ha... hahaha... ;;;

If you find one funny comic book at the day before big test, you would feel like "Uh oh. I'm screwed.". And between such horrible guilt and sweet pleasure, you keep reading comic. You never be able to get out from it. So, with feeling similar like that, If whole 6 months of storyboard working become useless, how would it feel like? 



Fortunately that didn't happened and result is satisfying.  7 minutes 44 seconds, 165 cuts. You will love Jjintta set and Py like you did for Doki and Nabi.



All you need to do is wait. (I know you already waiting pretty long though...)


Posted by SamBakZa - August 21st, 2018

hand drawing present for fans

For visitors of SamBakZa workshop, I'm making paper canvas drawings.


Hand drawing requires a lot of effort to make, but it's not that good present for person who don't want it. Only deep love of parents will like drawn flower present, and it works only for little adorable childhood. ^^;;

Anyway, I can make it for people who wants it and if I wasn't too busy, so I couldn't make drawing for every visitors. I'd like to show some of them here.



First fan visitor! and they were couple! Isn't it perfect? - Shurrun and Hanul. I even visited their marriage and become a friend.




Nathalie and Lise from France on a rainy day. - They send me photo of it on their wall. OMG! my drawing is in France! I have never been in France!



Yoon Na-kyoung! First korean fan visitor. She was so bright person like Doki.



Kim Jeong-keun's art style of Nabi. lol, he's good for new character as it is.



Kwon Dae-ho! I draw moon because it was Chuseok (korean thanksgiving day)



Ppeokkugi. I enjoyed drawing Jjintta set request.



Bria who was really good artist.



And another for Ppeokkugi. I thought I haven't draw for her so i made 2. The title of this piece is "Between scene 55 and 56". You will understand this after watching another step. ^^

Now there isn't much things to show without spoilers, so this post will be replace production report. In next month's report, I'd like to show some of working environment.

Making Another step is slow but steady. Thanks so much to all who be patience about it.


Posted by SamBakZa - July 20th, 2018

Story revealed by 6th grader




I guess probably that such simplicity might be my strong point.


805932_153207663091_02.jpgBut better hide my playlist...


Posted by SamBakZa - June 17th, 2018

News 1.
I have uploaded Polish subtitle on "There She Is!! complete HD" at YouTube. The translator is "Benjamin from PST (Peri's Translation Studio)". Thank you so much.




News 2.
Benjamin is passionate fan. He also has opened fanclub page named "There She Is: Fan Central" on facebook. He told me very interesting events for TSI fans. I am impressed. Please take a look. He's first goal is "Official fan club". I hope it can be.

There She Is: Fan Central : https://www.facebook.com/ThereSheIsFAN/


News 3.

The project is progressing.

805932_152922838943_02.jpgThis is the stage of climax battle.


Posted by SamBakZa - May 18th, 2018

The festival has been finished and also finishing work of festival has been finished. I came back to my work desk. I write this report short because I want to focus on this project.


shut up and run!


Posted by SamBakZa - April 18th, 2018


Digital Thanks Card
2 months ago, I sent "Digital thanks card and Digital wallpaper" to Indiegogo backers through MailChimp. By MailChimp's report, 165 backers haven't checked mail yet. If you didn't got two digital perks yet, please inform me to sambakza.manager@gmail.com . I'll send mail again directly with checking list again.
Pause again
 In every May, JaeMiRo where SamBakZa workshop placed helds street festival. I'll pause another stop work for about one month and will return after festival.

SamBakZa workshop is main reason why animation work keep getting delayed (sorry!) but this place is also big pleasure to us and some of our fans. Emirichu's video shows what our fans will experience if they visit our place. I think she draw me too handsome in video (lol) but except that this is so realistic and funny travel story. Thanks Emirichu!

How I Met My Favorite Animator! (and cried...a lot.) : https://youtu.be/aBsYYibFd74
It is amazing pleasure to creators in internet watching happy fans in real time. My goal was finish DVD project at the end of 2016, make product and exhibition about "There she is!!" and meet fans at the workshop. Make stickers for messengers, T-shirts, Plushies, Comic books, Had so many plans and did so many autograph practice.

Thank you so much to all patience fans.


Posted by SamBakZa - March 14th, 2018

I have sent two digital perks - Digital Thanks Card, Digital Wallpapers - at 10 days ago. 60% of backers opened the email, and 4 emails was returned because of the email address is didn't exist. 

If you didn't receive my email, please check your spam mailbox first.  And If you could not download the perks, in any other problem, send me an email. sambakza.manager@gmail.com I'll send the perks directly.


You want to get the images but you are not the backer of Indiegogo campaign? Please don't worry. You can buy them when we start receive pre-order the DVD. All you have to do is wait.


Posted by SamBakZa - February 14th, 2018


This month, I am making two perks - Digital card of thanks & 3 Digital wallpapers. I know it will make the animation production more slowly, but I wanted to do something because you are waiting so long.

If you are a backer of Indiegogo campaign, please check your email address on Indiegogo.  I will send these images to backers via email, until next month's progress report. 

805932_151867009361_01.jpgAnyway, CLIP STUDIO PAINT is cool. I gonna love this tool.


Posted by SamBakZa - January 17th, 2018


So here's the future plan : 

Plan A

Still working on main production. I am making layout of all scenes. After I finish organizing details I'll contact animation team again or contact another team to work with.

Plan B

If I can't find proper animation team I'm going to hire new animators by myself.


So I can't keep the Feb preview plan promise. I'll announce again after I find animation team and start working with them.  I apologize again to all fans for delays.