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SamBakZa's News

Posted by SamBakZa - May 31st, 2019

If you want to make animation - you need storyboard, background designs, character and item designs. 

On this project TSI6,

Storyboard : done.

BG, Character and item design : partly done.

"Key BG" is most important image because the background artists of animation refer to. There are many information such as colors, moods way of expression to draw background.


I have planned to make about 35 key BG images for TSI6. May 28, I made a contract with an key BG artist.


It was not so easy. ^^;;;

Now I will send a message to the team which I would like to commission to produce TSI6 animations. and I will hide in my bed and pray - "Please say YES." LOL


Posted by SamBakZa - April 26th, 2019


I should have done this last year.


Posted by SamBakZa - March 20th, 2019


  • Though it isn't fully enough, but I increased work hours as possible as I can. I can spend time for animation work at least 25 hours a week. And planning to spend rest personal hours on animation work too.
  • I planned to do everything for my own, but for more efficient working, I'll use outsourcing for background and some setup works. It will be help to increase speed of progressing.
  • My goal is finish all project completely in this year. I will report the time schedule and current status on next monthly report.
  • I am considering some special present for long wait backers.
  • Thank you so much to all fans and supporters.


Posted by SamBakZa - February 22nd, 2019

Feb 2019, SamBakZa workshop have moved.


I was happy we got wider place but also sad because we lost 2 years of memory of last place.

But most painful thing for me is, because of moving I coudn't help but delaying "There she is!!" project again. In last 2 months there was many days I coudn't even draw a line. The idea of running workshop and doing creative work both at the same time was my mistake and my arrogant thought.


I'm trying to be positive about this and tried many ways, but my loose managing making it worse. The more popular workshop makes more work to do, that makes less time to work on animation. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up on this project. Also it's my duty for supporters presenting more clear solution about this.


I'm talking with colleagues to make more working time, and trying to make more realistic future plan for it. I'll tell you about it in next month report.


Posted by SamBakZa - January 18th, 2019


Pigs are a symbol of good luck and good fortune in Korea. This year is the year of the Pig and my animal year is the Pig. Good luck to all patient fans, backers and me.


Posted by SamBakZa - December 23rd, 2018

"Another step" is still in layout phase which is going slowly, and 2018 is only less than 10 days left. So I want to make something for all patient backers and fans, I made 2019 calendar images.


I made this with "Doki and Nabi walking in Seoul" art pieces which I made in 2013.

Related post (sorry.. Korean language only) : 

production report 1 / production report 2

These figures are sitting on window at SamBakZa workshop.


The calendar is wallpapers with 1920x1080 resolution. I used holiday information from TimeAndDate.com, and I made it for 38 countries on Indiegogo backer information. Also these are available for everyone. I wish this can be small but nice present for this holiday season. 

And now, I'm going back to working on layout. Thank you to all fans and backers for your patience.

※ If follow download link doesn't work, try again after 24 hours or send me message to sambakza.manager@gmail.com

Argentina : download from MEGA or Naver
Australia : download from MEGA or Naver
Austria : download from MEGA or Naver
Belgium : download from MEGA or Naver
Brazil : download from MEGA or Naver
Canada : download from MEGA or Naver
Chile : download from MEGA or Naver
Colombia : download from MEGA or Naver
Czech Republic : download from MEGA or Naver
Denmark : download from MEGA or Naver
Finland : download from MEGA or Naver
France : download from MEGA or Naver
Germany : download from MEGA or Naver
Greece : download from MEGA or Naver
Ireland : download from MEGA or Naver
Israel : download from MEGA or Naver
Italy : download from MEGA or Naver
Japan : download from MEGA or Naver
Korea, Republic of : download from MEGA or Naver
Latvia : download from MEGA or Naver
Lithuania : download from MEGA or Naver
Malaysia : download from MEGA or Naver
Mexico : download from MEGA or Naver
New Zealand : download from MEGA or Naver
Norway : download from MEGA or Naver
Philippines : download from MEGA or Naver
Russian Federation : download from MEGA or Naver
Saudi Arabia : download from MEGA or Naver
Singapore : download from MEGA or Naver
Slovakia : download from MEGA or Naver
South Africa : download from MEGA or Naver
Spain : download from MEGA or Naver
Sweden : download from MEGA or Naver
Switzerland : download from MEGA or Naver
Taiwan : download from MEGA or Naver
Thailand : download from MEGA or Naver
United Kingdom : download from MEGA or Naver
United States : download from MEGA or Naver


Posted by SamBakZa - November 20th, 2018


The exhibition I mentioned in last month's report is almost over. It was really busy month. I'm glad everybody liked it but also really exhausted cleaning 3 stories exhibition building and Sambakza workshop. It's going to end soon. In this week I will finish pull down exhibitions and organization, then I'll go back to layout work of "Another step". Thank you so much for your patience to all supporters and fans.




I heard backers of "There She Is!! The Official Card Game" are concerned if they can get 72 online preview reward, because the kickstarter project seems almost stopped. The person in charge of that project is Yo Leiten. I will do my best sending out that reward to all backers through him. If not, maybe I can send them individually after get backer list from Yo, so don't worry about it. In this project I'm in charge of Digital thank you letter, wallpaper and 72 online preview, and Thank you letter and wallpaper was already sent.


Posted by SamBakZa - October 17th, 2018

SamBakZa is preparing for end of the year exhibition, which we do every year.


▲ Song songwha and Sogong planning for exhibition


Thanks to those two, I can concentrate on "There she is!!" production without joining the planning work. Of course I will help when they require physical work such as sawing or moving tables. I feel thankful and sorry to colleagues caring for my working hour.




I want to held exhibition about "There She Is!!" in next year. I am sure Sogong and Song songwha will gladly take part in it. To accomplish that I am working hard for layout  of the another step animation.

Thank you to all fans and supporters for your patience.


Posted by SamBakZa - September 18th, 2018

At the early day of this year, I got one precious advise from chief of animation studio I know. 

"You better stop modifying the storyboard and proceed to the next step.  If you keep stick with one scene you might not able to finish it in this year."

That really enlightened me. It was my bad habit keep working on one thing until I really satisfied with. and it really delaying this project.


"Ok got it. Thanks for advise"


And 6 months later, I finally finished all storyboard work in last week... ;;;;;;;

Seriously I really finished storyboard and start working on layout. However when I found something unsatisfying cut I go back to storyboard again and fix it. Then ending isn't look good with it so change it again, then foreshadowing looks weird so change some of that again... ha... hahaha... ;;;

If you find one funny comic book at the day before big test, you would feel like "Uh oh. I'm screwed.". And between such horrible guilt and sweet pleasure, you keep reading comic. You never be able to get out from it. So, with feeling similar like that, If whole 6 months of storyboard working become useless, how would it feel like? 



Fortunately that didn't happened and result is satisfying.  7 minutes 44 seconds, 165 cuts. You will love Jjintta set and Py like you did for Doki and Nabi.



All you need to do is wait. (I know you already waiting pretty long though...)


Posted by SamBakZa - August 21st, 2018

hand drawing present for fans

For visitors of SamBakZa workshop, I'm making paper canvas drawings.


Hand drawing requires a lot of effort to make, but it's not that good present for person who don't want it. Only deep love of parents will like drawn flower present, and it works only for little adorable childhood. ^^;;

Anyway, I can make it for people who wants it and if I wasn't too busy, so I couldn't make drawing for every visitors. I'd like to show some of them here.



First fan visitor! and they were couple! Isn't it perfect? - Shurrun and Hanul. I even visited their marriage and become a friend.




Nathalie and Lise from France on a rainy day. - They send me photo of it on their wall. OMG! my drawing is in France! I have never been in France!



Yoon Na-kyoung! First korean fan visitor. She was so bright person like Doki.



Kim Jeong-keun's art style of Nabi. lol, he's good for new character as it is.



Kwon Dae-ho! I draw moon because it was Chuseok (korean thanksgiving day)



Ppeokkugi. I enjoyed drawing Jjintta set request.



Bria who was really good artist.



And another for Ppeokkugi. I thought I haven't draw for her so i made 2. The title of this piece is "Between scene 55 and 56". You will understand this after watching another step. ^^

Now there isn't much things to show without spoilers, so this post will be replace production report. In next month's report, I'd like to show some of working environment.

Making Another step is slow but steady. Thanks so much to all who be patience about it.