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SamBakZa's News

Posted by SamBakZa - June 14th, 2017

Will Doki and Nabi overcome the challenges to their relationship? Help them out in There She Is!! The Tabletop Game! JUNE 20th on Kickstarter!!



Sam ho(my recent favorite one)'s appearance secne. I want this to be threatening.

Like always, scene I imagined in my head become lousy when it got actually made. In my imagination scene 4 was "super!" but it become like dancing, which made me so frustrated. It happenes a lot.


TAKE 01.

Actually this is the acting I want. Simple and realistic. But, to make this simple animation look great animatior's skill must be perfect. I don't think I'm that good yet, maybe I need to practice about 10 years more to become that good. So, not this one.


TAKE 02.


That's why I added some animation to the right hand but.... that made left hand's animation looks awkward. NG.


TAKE 03.


Cut some animation of right hand was not good for both. awkward. NG


TAKE 04.


Isn't it looks like he's making heart with arms? This was supposed to be threatening!


TAKE 05.


To make it look like not making heart so I made arm's animation uneven but that didn't worked. I tried several times to make this look better but failed. There is few more failed animation like this one.


TAKE 06.


But there is no such thing like fruitless effort. From idea in take 04 and time wasting in take 05 turns out like this. Also I found out that raised one arm looks much more threatening. This is how I finished this scene animation.

Posted by SamBakZa - May 14th, 2017

JAEMIRO Street fair is successfully finished!


Now I'll go back to working "There she is!!"




Indiegogo funding have reached over $35,000 and stretch goal has been unlocked!! Short animation will be included in DVD!! Thank you so much for your generosity. InDemand will be closed soon. Because of my poor english I couldn't understand it's system cleary so I couldn't close it at Mar 30th. I fixed it and it will be closed within 3 days, I can't reopen InDemand so if anyone considering join funding, you should decide quickly!

Posted by SamBakZa - April 18th, 2017

Normal order in animation pre-production phase is "Scenario -> Storyboard -> Videoboard". However, when I do this music video style animation I work on videoboard first to fit the animation to the music.

805932_149250530721_01.jpgThumbnail : a phase before storyboard, it sets basic storyline.

To use pop music with animation like "There she is!!", it is really tricky job to arrange each cuts to fit the music. Time that I can use for each cuts is really limited and few so I have to change scenario several times. I changed scenario 12 times in "another step". Now I'm working on 13th and this might be the final.


Video board : you can check most elements about directing in here such as length of cuts, character acting and camera work.


By the way, I think this music video style animation is great practice for rookie animation students. Music takes a big part on mood setting so you don't have to worry too much about it, and like I said before running time is very limited so you can learn which part should be remained and which part shouldn't. I think it will be fun to make small workshop about this after finish current project.


Story board : It's like bluprint. This will be reviewed many times in every phase so you can save time and effort if you make this well.


The storyboard for "another step" is now only about 30 seconds left. I won't change scenario anymore so I think this will be done in end of May. There will be a big festival in the street which SamBakZa open studio is located, so it is delayed to prepare that festival.

After storyboard is done, I should find partner who can help setting and producing work. Then I can start working on full scale. That might took about 6~7 months so including additional video and perk items I think I might be able to finish this project and send packages to you all at the end of this year.

Indemand on indiegogo campaign will be closed at April 30 in Korea (UTC+09:00). Thank you so much to all who joined additional campaign.

Posted by SamBakZa - March 14th, 2017

805932_148948333792_700.jpgI have started the storyboard again.

Posted by SamBakZa - February 10th, 2017

This is a drawing for background setting of Jjintta-set. I wish this could be a little treat for you all patience fans.

Please see this page for progress report.



















Posted by SamBakZa - December 9th, 2016


Yes, I had to do one more month for continuity. It is shame that I already said it will be 100% finished last month. Problem is, when I watch it again now it's ending is not exactly I wanted. If this was outsourcing job I have to just finish it and proceed to next step but this is my personal project, so I want to change it one more time to make it perfect. I'm so sorry. When I do outsourcing job I hated edit requests, but in this project editing is really fun to me..... I won't make any excuse again. sorry sorry.

So I had to postpone overall plan for project completion and shipping. I will tell you immediately when new plan got confirmed.

Campaign on indiegogo is still open. If anyone want to join the funding now you can check here. Indemand cannot be reopened. I will not close it until december.


And I'm really sorry to inform a sad news. Big fan of SamBakZa and my friend, Ben Schoedel has passed away a while ago. He held fan panel of "There she is!!" in animation festival named AnimeNext. Actually I was thinking of stop making "There she is!!" few years ago. But what changed my mind is his quiet but constant support. He gives me courage for this project to make a new episode and DVD. I made a picture for his fan panel every year and for his wedding. Now, for the last  time I made a picture to remember him. Thank you Ben, thank you so much.


Posted by SamBakZa - November 6th, 2016

There was street fair at Jaemi-street, where SamBakZa open studio is placed. More than 500 people visit our studio in 2 days. We really had fun and exhausted.



The storyboard of "There she is!! another step" is about 90% done. at this stage, I can see the final result in my head so it is pretty exciting phase. And how's the final result is? It is fun and exciting. While making the storyboard I myself got fascinated to Jjintta-set bros. Now it is just for me, but it will be the joy we all can share. Remaining part of the storyboard now is action scene on climax, and it will be done in november. And at december I will finish the set-up process.

Q. Will there be doki and nabi at least in one shot of the upcoming step?
A. Yes, Nabi and Doki will both appeared on "another step". Running time of the animation will be 5 min 40 sec and they will be appeared about 25 sec, and they do have important role in the animation.

Q. Why are the Jjintta not called the Ho-Brothers ?
A. "Jintta set" is nickname what people around them calls. "Jintta" means "loser" or "fool" in korean. They always making frowned face and walking around together like a "set". That's why they got that nickname, and Doki is not the one who make that nickname.

Reopening Indiegogo campaign
I set the campaign on indiegogo as "indemand". I recently found out about this, and it is making available to get additional fund after closing date. Anyone who missed to join the funding can come here and join the campaign.
Indemand will be opened until the end of this year and I'll notice before close.

Posted by SamBakZa - October 9th, 2016


I am working at our open studio from 2 months ago.(^^)



Progress report : October

  • I've been running the crowdfund campaign for the new episode in here Korea. But unfortunately it is failed to reach the goal. But don't worry. I'll try again in December. 


  • Also I'm preparing for people who couldn't joined the indiegogo campaign. I'll talk more about this on November report.

  • I'm sorry to announce that finish date of new episode will be delayed. I'll work hard to make some good news in next month's report.

    Preview of the New episode : January 2017

    Shipping DVD and perks : March 2017

  • And here's good news! Tabletop game of "There She Is!!" is in development. check the links below.
    Facebook page

Posted by SamBakZa - September 20th, 2016


Hello, this is amalloc of SamBakZa. ... again. (^^);;

Currently I'm working on first fight scene. I always wanted to make something like battle scene, so I'm really happy to making these. I'm using Jacky chan's movies which I always loved as reference, it looks so great with perfect and direct actions.

Also, Sogong has restarted artwork.

805932_147441889411_01.jpg▲ Motorcycle Repair Shop of Jjintta brothers.

805932_147441894362_02.jpg▲ The 1st floor is a workshop. Isn't they cool?

805932_147441904283_03.jpg▲The second floor is a living home. Eeho is a good housekeeper. (^^)

805932_147441916751_04.jpg▲ Airport scene. I have to animate crowd. ;;;;;

Sogong's artworks comming out really nicely, and storyboard looks really satisfying too. It's been a best moment for me as creator. I put myself under a lot of stress when I work on outsourcing job because I always working really slow.

But, as I expected, One thing I'm worried about is that these taking more time than I expected. Currently about 50% done on storyboard, so there must be some delay. I'll try to make a report of progress at every early months.

Always thank you for your support.

Posted by SamBakZa - July 15th, 2016

Hello, backers and all SamBakZa fans,

Sorry for long absence. This is amalloc of SamBakZa.
There was a major change happened to us in last 2 months.
There is a place called Myung-dong and Nam-san Seoul. It is nice place that many tourists come and visit. And we got a workshop/gallery/store nearby! Seoul city made a artist support program and we were the first team selected.



amalloc, Sogong, Song songhwa will display our arts, sell them, meet fans and work in there for 2 years. If you got a chance to visit Seoul, please drop by. You might see me making "There she is!! another step" if you visit in autumn. Just come inside our store and say like this;

"I am a big fan of SamBakZa."
It was a great opportunity for us so we had to temporary stop "There she is!!" project and prepared SamBakZa Cartoon Workshop for 2 months. Workshop is almost ready and will be opened in this July.

But because of this, "There she is!! another step" was had to be postponed about 2 months. Making storyboard and artwork should be finished and start working on main production according to the plan, but currently we did about 10% of storyboard and 30% of artwork.




805932_146856646923_img_04.jpgSogong's artworks for "There She Is!! another step"

Time is running shorter but that doesn't mean we should postpone the plan. We will try to finish DVD in this year. Unless if we feel that could harm the quality of the product.


Animation test by amalloc

In the new workshop I will finish the storyboard and artwork in august and start main production in September. I was thinking of try other animation tool instead of flash, (I was testing clip sutdio paint and opentoonz.) but I'll try to save some time so gonna use flash as main animating tool since I use it a lot.

I'm posting news on Indiegogo Update page, official facebook page, Newgrounds.com if there is anything important happens. Thank you so much for your patience and support.